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August 26 through September 9, 2012, two Moldovan alumni from the Legislative Fellows Program (LFP) implemented a strategic post-program project that aimed to familiarize U.S. visitors with the Republic of Moldova’s judicial practices. The two alumni, Alexei Lazari and Unciuc Ion, are the first LFP alumni from Moldova to have completed the program. Throughout their two-week project, they worked to build a bridge of cooperation and exchange between the American and the Moldovan correctional systems.
Kevin Reiling, American Councils’ Regional Coordinator for Belarus and Lithuania, was invited to participate on a popular Belarusian television program, Two vs. Two (in Belarusian, “Dva na dva”). The program, which aired on Belsat TV on Saturday, October 6, 2012, explored reasons why many Belarusian students choose to study abroad, as well as what they gain from studying at universities outside of their home country. The program reached an estimated Belarusian audience of one million viewers.
Zhang Yong greets a class of third and fourth graders as they file into a room ready to review Mandarin on Friday morning. “Ni hao,” says Zhang, as he greets the 25 students who have entered the room he shares with Roosevelt’s Diane Wood, one of his mentor teachers. The children reply in unison, with an enthusiastic “ni hao”, or “hello.” For the first few weeks of the school year, students at Roosevelt Elementary have seen his easily recognizable face. They are at ease with his friendly demeanor as he teaches them a language and culture many of them barely knew, other than through movies or even food.