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Missoula may not be an international hub that crackles with cultural diversity and the exotic lilt of a global community. Nevertheless, the classrooms of Hellgate High School are alive with the sounds of foreign languages and the study of faraway lands. It’s a welcome and exciting boom, said Michal Malouf, a Hellgate Spanish teacher. With a huge grin on her face, Malouf explained: “We have a cast of thousands this year in our language classes.” Her statement rang true on Monday afternoon when the school’s language wing was abuzz with Spanish lessons under way on one side, and Arabic lessons on the other.
From August 3-5, 2012, Solutions!, a Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program alumni association in Ukraine, hosted a Sustainability Summit to build awareness about sustainability initiatives in Ukraine. This three-day educational event, organized in conjunction with the Ukrainian non-governmental organization (NGO) Greencubator, was held along the beaches of the Azov Sea in the Crimean town of Shcholkine, Ukraine. The Summit brought together 109 participants to discuss the relationship between alternative energy patterns and grassroots community development in Ukraine.
American Councils for International Education in Moldova recently completed the first year of the Access Microscholarship Program (Access). The success of this pilot program has allowed for funding for another program year, and the expansion to two additional program locations, giving 40 more children an invaluable opportunity to study English, and to collaborate with their American peers.
In many areas of Tajikistan, girls are marginalized in society and discouraged from furthering their education. They are often sent to school late, and removed from school early. Consequently, many girls never become literate. Camp America is focused on working with girls in these regions of Tajikistan, during the short period that they are enrolled in school, to provide them with the desire, and the confidence to advocate, for continuing their education. Camp America empowers girls to combat adversity, gain the courage to overcome the status quo, and strive to reach their full potential.