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As Arlington High School students enter a classroom hung with red-and-gold masks and a wall-length watercolor dragon, Xu Qiang greets them, “Ni hao.” “Ni hao,” each responds, guessing the meaning: “Hello.” Later, Xu locks himself out of the classroom and tells the laughing student who lets him in, “Xie xie.” He repeats the performance for one boy who doesn’t get it. “Thank you,” the boy says, scribbling. He corrects himself: “Xie xie.” In another lesson, Xu asks the class, “Tung xuemen hao?” (Students, good?). They answer, “Lao shi hao.” (Teacher, good.) Then Xu has them switch roles. “You are my teachers, too,” Xu explains.
Nicolae Dandis, President of the DIALOG Association, Director of the Pro-Europa Center, lecturer at the State University of Cahul, City Councilman in Cahul, and Open World alumnus, completed the "Green Areas—A Platform for Cooperation and Education in Cahul" project, funded by the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Moldova.
MISSOULA – Since the fall of 2010, students at Big Sky and Sentinel High Schools have had the chance to learn the Arabic language and culture. This year, students at two additional Missoula high schools will have that same opportunity. Missoula County Public Schools announced Thursday that Khalil Nasr, a visiting Arabic instructor from Egypt, will teach Arabic to students at Hellgate High School and the Willard Alternative High School program. Nasr was awarded a fellowship from the U.S. Department of State to participate in the 2012 Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP). He is one of 24 teachers who were selected from China and Egypt for participating in the fellowship program.