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What do American students say about their TCLP experience? “I love this class. Our teacher is very motivated, encouraging, and has a genuine love for teaching and wanting to better children’s knowledge of the world beyond the United States. I am very excited to be a part of this class.” Published on TCLP website. Read the article.
The Critical Language Projects support Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) alumni and institutions with funding for projects that designed to complement TCLP goals by providing funding for alumni activities that increase capacity building and collaborative ideas for teaching and classroom projects. During Round One of the CLP awards for 2011, almost $1500 went to support projects in Minnesota, Utah, Massachusetts, and Montana.
In Missoula, Montana, the language and culture of the Middle East has captured the attention and interest of high school students and the community alike. Two years ago, the Missoula School District teacher and TCLP mentor teacher Michal Malouf, in cooperation with the University of Montana, was awarded a FLAP grant to introduce Arabic to their public schools.
When Zhu Qingpeng (2010) participated in the National English Teaching Skills Contest in Henan, China in November 2011, he not only walked away with a first prize honor, but also with the friendship of a new TCLP colleague. Sun Liang (2009) was also participating in the contest and ranked in the top place out of all the first prize winners!