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Check out the most recent issue of the A-SMYLE and YES SEE programs' newsletter, Balkan Youth Voices.
At the end of each school year, American Councils asks A-SMYLE Placement Organizations and Local Coordinators to nominate A-SMYLE participants who have been solid leaders in their host communities and who have effectively shown leadership skills for a Distinguished Leader award. The American Councils office in Washington, DC, reviews these nominations and selects the students who have demonstrated the most outstanding leadership qualities to receive awards of first place, second place, third place and honorable mention. We look for a diversity of accomplishments, skills, and experiences for these awards, and we were pleased to see all of these qualities in this year’s nominees. 1st place - Jana Loncar
The winners of the 2010-2011 program year's Distinguished Leadership Awards were announced this week. Congratulations to all of the recipients! Please check FB link for more details.
KIEV, UKRAINE, July 1, 2011 - The Global Development Alliance Ukrainian Standardized External Testing Initiative (Alliance USETI), an initiative aimed at combating corruption in higher education in Ukraine, has announced the results of their recently completed national survey. The results, announced by Iryna Bekeshkina, Director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, during a press conference at the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency (UNIAN) in April, 2011, show most Ukrainians support external testing as a part of the higher-education admissions process.
The Uruguay Teacher Exchange Program application is now open! Educational Seminars welcomes applications from elementary and high school teachers of English, ESL or Spanish for these exciting opportunities to host an international teacher for 2 weeks in the winter of 2012 and then travel to Uruguay in the summer of 2012 for 2 weeks. Visit June 27th is the next Alumni Grants Deadline All alumni of these U.S. Department of State funded, short-term educational exchanges are eligible to apply for funding to strengthen the connections made while on program and further the goals of Educational Seminars.