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On November 30, forty alumni from the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program gathered for a network fundraising event hosted by the Philips Corporation in Moscow, Russia. The alumni were from the first years of the exchange program, 1994-2000. The master of ceremony for the event was FLEX alumna Marina Malykhina, who spent 1994-95 as an exchange student studying in Amity, Oregon. Today, Marina is a leading businesswoman and successful entrepreneur in Moscow presiding over the Magram Market Research Corporation and the Respublika sports clubs. She also hosts the popular Russian TV show “Capitalists.”
American Councils announced the opening of its new Turkish Overseas Flagship Center in Ankara, Turkey. The new Flagship Center is located within the Yenişehir branch of TÖMER, Ankara University’s Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center. Dr. Victor Frank, American Councils’ Managing Director for Overseas Language Flagship Programs, was joined by Dr. M. Ertan Gökmen in a ceremony to mark the opening of the Flagship venue. Dr. Gökmen is an associate professor of Korean at Ankara University and the new TÖMER Director.
Kevin Reiling, American Councils Regional Coordinator for Belarus and Lithuania, led the first meeting of the Young Professionals Club (YPro Club) for 50 recent alumni of the Youth Cultural Opportunity (YCO) program in October. The YPro Club, a project funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Minsk, Belarus, seeks to create a professional and academic development program for younger alumni, with a focus on skills development and mentoring by more established U.S. Government (USG) alumni.
American Councils Moldova celebrated International Education Week with a seminar for Moldovan college students from major academic institutions, including the State University of Moldova, the Academy of Economic Studies, the Technical University of Moldova, and the Free International University.
For 20 years, Mrs. Gerda Gray has volunteered with American Councils to help evaluate prospective participant applications. Mrs. Gray makes the special, dedicated commitment to meticulously review applications for a number of U.S. Department of State-funded programs, including the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program, the American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE), and the Youth Leadership Program with Azerbaijan (YLP). She has an unwavering passion to help others to access international education and overseas language immersion opportunities. When asked why she has made this commendable commitment, she said, “It enriches my life.” American Councils sat down with Mrs. Gray to hear her story.