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Live Journal was one of the early social networking/blog sites in Russia.  It remains current and can be a great source of information.

This site has detailed and readily accessible information for famous classic Russian authors, philosophers, and other humanities subjects.  Many full-length texts and biographical pages are available.

Snob is an international project for people, who live in various countries around the world, speak various languages but think in Russian.  They have a print magazine as well as a website filled with articles, video blogs and opinion pieces.  A good way to read in Russian on virtually any topic.

Youtube and the "Mosfilm" studio have recently agreed on details and created a youtube channel containing many classic Soviet films.  Very neat resource to check out!

Ever come across a Russian acronym and needed to decode what it stood for?  Sokr (short for sokreshinie) probably has the answer.

Take an amazing virtual tour of St. Basil's in Red Square!